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Self Guided Nutrition Programming

This plan is designed for members who are already familiar with macro tracking, are disciplined and don't need the personalized accountability of a coach, and are close enough to their goals where you don't need consistent adjustments. If after the 6 months you require additional macro adjustment you will need to resign up for the self guided program or work with a coach in our one-on-one.

* We don't recommend this program for those training for an event. For those needing a more structured program, ie. meal guidance and timing, training nutrition programming etc. we suggest speaking with a coach or signing up for our one-on-one program.


Paid in full

One time payment, includes 2 caloric and macronutrient adjustments over

6 months



  • Two macronutrient adjustments within 6 months based on your goals and training.

  • Personal coach who will assess your goals and create a nutrition program to follow. Your nutrition program includes emails, program packet, nutrition guide, recipes and more.

  • User guide filled with personalized information plus tips and tricks to progress your goals.

  • Access to the Rebel Living app.

  • Access to the Rebel Living private group.


It's not just about the weight-loss it's much more than that.

During your time with us you will work on:

  • Goal setting 

  • Mindful Eating

  • Developing awareness of your hunger cues

  • Eat high-quality, nutrient-rich foods 

  • Understanding of the needs of your body utilizing the proper amount of protein, fat, carbs

  • Training consistently, frequently, and with appropriate intensity

  • Improve sleep and recovery habits


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