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Your Guide to Tracking while Traveling

Vacation is a time to relax and forget about our worries, but for those who are on a mission to travel and still follow a healthy nutrition plan it can become a whole new headache all together. In fact even thinking about the vacation starts to make us dread the fact that we'll be away from home, our comfort zone. 

Here are a few tips to help you feel at ease.

1. Create a fitness goal: For instance, make a plan to exercise x amount of days while you're there.

2. Pack snacks: Bringing as many healthy snacks as you can while traveling will help when you're on the go. We tend to not eat throughout the day, then when it comes time for lunch or dinner we overeat and make poor decisions on the foods we should be eating. Stock up at the airport and as much as you can from home.

3. Plan ahead: Check the menu and plan your meal ahead of time.

4. Measuring food: You don't have to bring a scale with you. Remember, this is a time of relaxation and if you've been doing an awesome job with your macros there's room to relax a bit. But, learn how you can estimate your portions with the below measuring guide.

5. Commitment: Finally, it all comes down to commitment, how committed are you?

Travel hacks

Take advantage of the breakfast buffet and mini fridge .  Stock up on boiled eggs, fruit, yogurt, cheese and cut veggies.Bring dry oats so you can make your own overnight oats. All hotel rooms have a mini fridge, no excuses there ;)Non perishables: Peanut butter, rice cakes, canned tuna, protein powder, pretzels, dark chocolate, granola, jerky.During the day fill up on lean protein and vegetables, leaves room for that super dinner you're going to have.