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You Can't Out Train a Bad Diet

Updated: May 25, 2019

image credit: Gesina Kunkel

Have you ever gotten done with a workout and thought to yourself, "I just killed it. Now I deserve (insert ice cream, brownie, dessert etc...)" or "I just worked out, now I can have (insert ice cream, brownie, dessert etc...)."

Workouts are awesome and great for our bodies, but they aren't going save someone from eating poorly.  The reason? You can consume more calories with a poor diet than you can expend exercising. 

Most people also want to have a life.  Maybe you have kids, family, and other obligations that warrant your time.  This doesn't allow for hours and hours in the gym. 

Today we are going to look at a little experiment.  Before everyone gets all hot and bothered, this is a fun experiment, and it is meant to illustrate this point and get you thinking.  This isn't an exact science but think about this as a parable in the bible.  It is meant to teach a lesson and get you thinking.  

If you prefer to watch the diet and exercise satire check it out below:

Diet vs Exercise 

If you would rather read it, it goes something like this.  

Cue the trumpets.  Here ye here ye, today I bring to you a satire of years past entitled Pizza vs Treadmill. 

One day young Craig and wise Brad met in the gym for a competition.  Young Craig is a strapping young man, fit as an ox.  Brad is the old wise nutrition coach.  Craig believed that because of his superior shape, he could expend tremendous amounts of calories exercising at a blistering pace, so wise Brad challenged him.

Wise Brad says, "I bet you 1000 burpees that you cannot burn more calories than I can eat in 3 minutes." Craig, who could be mistaken for an Olympian, laughed and accepted this challenge.  Because he was the fittest in all the land. He could run the fastest for the longest.  Surely his body was like a calorie furnace, I mean look at these labs.  

The competition was set and ready.  Young Craig fired up the treadmill and off he went a blistering pace.   Wise Brad took a few sips of his soda and began to devour half a pizza.  

Tick, tick, tick, for 3 minutes the clock ran.


The buzzer sounded and it was time to tally everything up. 

Craig in 3 minutes, according to the treadmill (which we know is hogwash but at least in the ballpark), burned about 46 calories while running at a blistering pace.  For Craig's ego, let's bump it up to 50.  Whereas Brad, eats and drinks a casual 1000 calories, a paltry 950 calorie difference.  

Let the legend be known that exercise alone is no prescription for poor dietary principles when one searches for a lean physique.  


Exercise is not meant to counteract a poor diet to lose fat, fix the diet and use exercise to support your metabolism, muscle mass, hormones and stress levels.Keep feeding your workouts with high-quality nutrition before and after your workouts.