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Blow Your Mind Monday's Volume 3 Swing Your Axe

What’s your strategy? Looks like we’re going to be here a while…

By now you surely have some sort of schedule in place. That’s a great first step, right! Keep things as close to whatever is normal to you as possible.

But, what’s your strategy for the things that you’re not expecting?

You may have heard this quote from Honest Abe, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I’ll spend the first five sharpening my axe.”

He’s talking about preparation. Doing everything in your power to put yourself in a position where failure is the least likely outcome.

But…it’s not solely about the axe and the tree.

What if it rains? Maybe a blister? A distraction?

Preparation isn’t just about the task at hand. Preparation is about putting together an optimal strategy to complete the task at hand while overcoming any distractions or disruptions.

For many of us, our own impulses may be our own worst enemy right now. The schedule is nice, but our impulses challenge our determination to that end.

Are you prepared to control those impulses? To make choices you’ll be proud of?

Impulses are honest and very transparent, giving you insight into your desires and your fears. Use this information to inform, and even inspire you. But, do not let them control you.

In the thick of it, it may seem like self-discipline is a bother, and won’t really set you back that much. But instead of looking at how easy it is to give in, what if you realized the satisfaction and confidence, you’d derive from resisting the temptations of today.

You see, impulses never take into consideration anything other than the current moment, and therein lies the potential trap. The moment is fleeting, but the consequences are enduring. And the spillover can snowball out of control, impacting you for your whole life. If you’re sharp, you can make the choice to act in a way that will lead to the future, not the moment, you desire.

Always remember, if you’re prepared for impulses when they strike, you don’t have to automatically do whatever they urge. Instead, you’re prepared to look beyond the heat of the moment and consider how acting on that urge will affect you in the days, weeks, months and years to come.

Does that impulse align with your goals? Does it move you closer or further from happiness?


It’s not impossible for an impulse to propel your life to new heights, but we all know that most are better left buried. If you are prepared, you are empowered to choose which impulses will serve you, and which will sabotage you.

Put that power into play and act in a way that your future self will thank you for.

You’ve got the sharp axe. Now swing it!

And for god’s sake, Don’t Conform, Rebel Against the Norm.