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Blow Your Mind 🤯 Monday’s Volume 2 It's Totally Normal

IT IS TOTALLY NORMAL. The way you’re feeling right now. You probably need to keep hearing that. And I’m not here to preach about your immune system or anything like that. The reality is this is a great teaching moment for all of us. Whether it’s Corona or some other hurdle we encounter which changes our current circumstances. We need to be able to optimize the situation we are in. Let’s face it, sometimes things are just out of our control. We all do the best we can to control what we can, but sometimes you get lucky and sometimes life sucks. It’s part of a cycle deeply embedded in all of life. But Difficulty gives rise to new achievement. The more intolerable the burden, the more energy is put forth to overcome it. Lessons learned, abilities developed, resources harnessed continue to provide benefit long after the trouble has receded. The long, magnificent history of achievement is also a history of a seemingly insurmountable challenge. So how do we face it? Start by getting it out of your system. You’re human - eternal optimism is bull. Yell, kick and scream. Whatever you need to do to get it out. And I mean really get it all out. But put a clock on it. Your time is too valuable to waste feeling mad or lost or upset. You can’t always choose everything about your circumstances, but you can choose your state of mind. You can’t control all the things that will happen to you today, but you can absolutely control the person you will be. The world and all its problems can bring you down, but only if you let it. Instead, take back control. Take steps to optimize your current situation. Choose to be a positive force. Do it for yourself and do it for those around you. Sure the actions you may have to take may not be easy, given the circumstances. But the most effective actions are rarely the easiest. Fortunately for you, you can call upon your strength and your strength increases! Today, discover how strong you can be. Act with Strength, respond with strength, envision yourself in every situation as strong. Live in strength for the sake of your family, your community, your world, yourself. You have the power to determine the optimal path, and discipline yourself to adopt it. Feel the power of your purpose and let it raise your thoughts, your actions, your perspective to new levels of strength. You are smart enough to know that quality of life depends on your level of commitment to this end. The world is often a treacherous place, but if you rise and rise again to meet the challenges, to optimize your situation, you will live a life fulfilled. And you know that to the extent you do, everyone benefits. Certainly, life is not always easy…but at Rebel Living, we see it as a feature and not a bug. Let us help guide you through life’s inconsistencies, lead you out of the chaos and into a life optimized! Don’t Conform, REBEL AGAINST THE NORM!