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Blow Your Mind 🤯 Monday’s Episode 1

First of all, no…this is not a Corona Virus update.

But, after everything that’s happened over the last couple weeks, I think it goes without saying that no matter how much we try and control, sometimes life just happens and plans go out the window…

So the question is, how do we react? What do we do?

Whatever the case may be, we’ve all had instances where this has happened - Last minute assignment from the boss and you miss a workout, a wedding and you forgot to track your calories, or just a ‘blah’ week and you feel like your progress stalled. Believe me, it has happened to me more times than I care to admit.

In ‘Blow Your Mind Monday’s’ (incase you missed it, you can see it here…. And be sure to subscribe while you’re there, so you don’t miss it again) we talked about

THE WILLINGNESS TO MAKE CHANGE. Well that applies here too.

When life gets in the way or we lose control, you have the choice as to what you’ll do next. How will you proceed from here?

Well... you’ve got options.

The first option you’ve got is to throw your hands up in the air, trash everything you’ve worked for and go right back to where you started.

But remember... you are where you are now because where you started wasn’t where you wanted to be.

So let’s focus on option 2 - this is where you look yourself in the mirror and remember that you’re where you’re at now because you weren’t where you wanted to be AND YOU MADE THE CHOICE TO MAKE A CHANGE!

You did it once, and you can do it again.

Be accountable to yourself - if things went awry, get back on track. If you over indulged, get back on track.

Don’t get me wrong, even as a coach it’s uncomfortable to hold people accountable. But, what’s worse for me is having someone fail because I didn’t coach them, didn’t confront them, didn’t correct them. Always keep in mind accountability is something you do FOR someone you want to see succeed, not to them. The same applies for yourself.

So No! You don’t need to shame yourself, levy some harsh restriction or verbal punishment. You don’t need to go crazy trying to make up for a mishap or mistake.

You just need to confront those challenges and make a course correction. Take ownership of where you are and make the choice to forge through the chaos and get back on track.

Here’s the key, though. It has to be YOUR choice. This only works if YOU are willing.

Remember, do it for you…not to you.

If you’re anything like…well most of human kind…you’ll feel like a caged animal at the first sniff of an ultimatum.

No one likes to be told what or how to do something. Even if you’re the one doing the telling, and you’re telling yourself.

Yep - this is starting to feel like some Yoda type of shit. But, I need you to understand the difference. The difference will change your life.

Take ownership of your actions and choose to make a change.

The most successful people in any field, they deal with all sorts of bumps and bruises, too. They’re successful because they’ve learned that the key to being able to keep moving forward is in how they handle the mishaps and mistakes in their life. They realize that the only way to succeed is to take ownership, assess the situation, develop a plan and chart a path forward.

As soon as you accept that you are in as much control, as soon as you decide you are wiling to change, you become infinitely powerful over your actions.

Now no mishap or mistake, no boss or birthday party and certainly no ‘blah’ week will be able to throw you off track.

Now you take ownership, assess the situation, develop a plan and chart a path forward!

And the best part of it all!


Your Rebel Living coach is there to help you assess, not point the finger, to help you plan, not give up on you, to help guide you forward, not leave you in the dark.

Your Rebel Living coach is there to help give you the tools to choose yourself.

Together, accountability is something done for you, not to you.

That is where you find success. That is when no one can take success from you.

That is when you become a REBEL!

If you've got question, or want to learn more about joining the Rebel tribe feel free to book a consult call or stop by our website to see what we're all about.