Online Concierge Health and Wellness Coaching. Personalized coaching for your health, wellness and fitness goals.

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Our mission at Rebel Living is to empower people to break free from health conformity.

We strive to inspire our clients to live the healthiest lifestyle,

without restriction and inhibition. 

Customized coaching

designed to meet your goals

Every member goes through an initial onboarding process. Think of it as an interview, the only way for us to put a long term strategy in place we need to understand your current situation, your past, and your future goals.

This isn't a quick fix or complete overhaul of your lifestyle by any means, this is a long-term strategy customized to meet YOUR goals and lifestyle needs with a solid foundation covering ALL areas of wellness.



Our focus encompasses all elements of your life, teaching you the foundational “how to’s” and giving you all the tools so that you can do this on your own.


Nutrition for all, minus

the BS


Done on your terms.

No cardio, no problem


Move better, feel better, Live Brighter. 


Cool and calm, clear and focused. Be your best self.  

Included in your personalized blueprint:

long term nutrition strategy

lifestyle + habit Development

Weekly Coaching Calls

weekly check-ins with your coach

In our Coaching program, you will receive:

  • Customized nutrition plans based on your goals

  • Accountability and guidance from a personal coach

  • Fitness and recovery programming based on your lifestyle and needs

  • Mindfulness and mindset techniques

  • A community of supportive, like-minded individuals to keep you motivated and celebrate your successes

  • Weekly check-ins with your coach to optimize results

  • Nutrient timing options to help you achieve your goals regardless of your daily schedule

unlimited coach access

Your own coach will check-in on your progress every week. You will have email/text access to your coach 24/7.

macro friendly meal guides

Fully customizable meal guides with macronutrient breakdowns to help you succeed.

community support

Private group loaded with recipes, extra accountability from your peers and coaches.

Access your program details and coach right within our custom app.

Rebel Living's nutrition program was designed to guide you on your nutrition journey to help you build healthy habits that last a lifetime.

"To my surprise I was able to eat more food than I thought. Roughly adding an additional 600 cal to my day while still burning fat & gaining noticeable strength & endurance." 


"It’s amazing to see my body composition change if your willing to put in the work and the proper nutrition"


"Working with Rebel Living I was
able to completely remove the guilt in eating, I learned what fueled my body and I was never hungry again.”


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