Nutrition Coaching

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Metabolic Repair Phase

During metabolic repair, we will look at reversing this process, to create a new dieting formula: balance the metabolism > reduce calories > lose weight. 

Fat Burning Phase

The fat burning phase contains the key information and resources that you will need for sustainable and realistic fat loss.

Lean Muscle Phase

Within this complete phase, you will find the key information and resources that you will need for sustainable and effective muscle building. 


Before finding MacroShred I felt I didn't have enough energy for training and I was losing focus while studying. My new nutrition plan helped me refuel my body, feel more energized and lean.

Nicolette Donovan, Crossfit Games Regionals Athlete

Rebel Living's MacroShred program was designed to guide you on your nutrition journey to help you build healthy habits that last a lifetime. 

Unlimited Coach Access

You'll be marched with one of our highly trained coaches to help guide you on your journey. Access them at any time right from our client app.

Macro Friendly Meal Guides

Fully customizable meal guides with macronutrient breakdowns to help you succeed.

Community Support

Private group loaded with recipes, extra accountability from your peers and coaches.


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