Want to Be a Part of the Rebel Living Team?

Rebel Living is growing! 
This means more athletes to coach, more challenges to run, and more responsibility for the Rebel Living team. We are looking for the perfect coach who is ready to grow and expand as we aim to become the go-to nutrition coaching resource for any athlete who wants to up their nutrition game.

**Please read this entire description very carefully.** 

We are looking for coaches who have a passion for nutrition and a passion for helping others succeed.

Our perfect coach is...


  • A candidate with the skills and knowledge to guide clients and hold them accountable.

  • Someone who has received a nutrition certification or taken nutrition courses and understands the basics of flexible dieting and knows how to take a holistic approach to coaching.

  • Someone who is patient, non-judgemental and can easily make their clients feel comfortable during vulnerable moments in their journey.

  • Can take direction and follow protocol. 

What you'll be expected to do...

  • Onboard new clients and set them up with their monthly nutrition programming.

  • Check in weekly with clients and review progress via the Macroshred app and via text.

  • Meet face to face with clients on a monthly basis to run a Skulpt analysis (body fat % reading).

  • Learn, follow, dissect the Macroshred program and familiarize yourself with the Rebel Living brand, spirit, and coaching style.

  • Find new clients to bring into the Macroshred program (***sign-on bonus $ for every new client brought in by a coach!)

  • Book and lead nutrition challenges, seminars and group coaching (***sign-on bonus $)

  • Check in with our private coaching Facebook group on a rotating basis with other coaches.

As the PERFECT Coach for this position, you...

  • Are well-versed in technology and social media and can EASILY adapt to new technology.

  • Preach "progress" over "results" and understand why "process goals" beat "outcome goals".

  • Can celebrate the little victories and help athletes stay motivated and focused. 

  • Love to continue your education (personal growth and nutrition related).

  • Extremely responsive! You have a predictable cadence for responding to messages, (even if that means saying "I'll get back you shortly or let's talk about that on our next call) answering questions completely, and don't disappear for days without a peep.


About the position of a Rebel Living Coach...


  • This is a 100% remote position and you can work anywhere in the United States. But must meet clients face to face in order to perform skulpt analysis. 

  • There will be a trial run for 2 months. After this period, we will discuss your progress and hopefully be on your way to coaching with us permanently. 

SO ARE READY? FILL OUT THE APPLICATION: https://goo.gl/forms/O6kHyQoCW8tz7Dc93