PHASE 1: 6 Week Rebel Living Intensive Nutrition Course

Cost Per Member: Normally $250 - Current Quarantine Pricing $99 per person. 

Free for 1 coach and 1 owner

  • Rebel Living Coaching for Owner and 1 Coach (or 2 Owners) - Affiliate coaches will be going through the program as a member as well as education on coaching members by way of one-on-one coaching

  • Rebel Living Group Coaching for Members 

  • Weekly Zoom Check-Ins

  • Private FB Group

  • Access Through Rebel Living App

  • 2 Week Baseline Diagnostic Period -

  • Self discovery process, teaches members how to understand what their body needs + why

  • 4 Weeks of Implementation ie. meal plan guidance, mindset practices, habit change and more


Monthly Rebel Living Affiliate Nutrition Program

  • $250/ month (normally $400) for up to 20 Members (payable by affiliate)

  • $350/month (normally $525) for 21-30 Members

  • $450/month(normally $675) for 31-40 Members

  • $500/month (normally $750) for 41+ Members

  • (We will be horning these prices for the quarantine)

Revenue: Affiliates can charge members at their discretion

Ex. $50/month x 20 members = $1000 - $250 (to RL) = $750 Monthly Revenue


  • Rebel Living Coach for Initial Set-Up

  • Option for Custom Co-Branded Tracking App (Additional cost: $50/Month) 

  • Monthly Check-In for Gym Owner/Coach with RL Coach

  • Quarterly Recalibration Coaching

  • Meal Plan Guides, Habit Tracking, Progress Tracking

  • Unlimited resources, support, and guidance

Intro to the Rebel Affiliate Program: Phase 1
Intro to the Rebel Affiliate Program: Phase 1
Phase 2
How to get started


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