Personalized nutrition


Get a completely individualized nutrition and lifestyle blueprint carefully planned and created to fit your lifestyle and goals.

Feel Better, Lose Weight, Gain Muscle, Enhance Performance in and out of the gym

Included in your personalized blueprint:


nutrition strategy

Lifestyle +



Personalized Plans


Recalibration and Analysis

For self-starters who have nutrition knowledge and don't need accountability or have a long way to go towards their goals

one time fee



InBody Scan

Quickly measure fat mass, muscle mass, and body water. Get essential outputs for evaluating overall health and wellness.

one time fee


One-on-one Coaching

Whether your goals are to build lean muscle, increase strength, lose body fat or improve your health, prioritizing your nutrition is vital for success.

The biggest advantages of working one-on-one with a coach are objectivity and accountability. The two single factors most struggle with achieving their goals.

We work in 3 phases. Each phase has a specific focus we work towards. At the end of each phase, we evaluate and determine whether to pivot into a new focus with a new goal or continue working towards that original focus. The amount of time spent within each phase is determined by adherence, progress, and the overall ambition of the goal.


Flexible Approach

Macro based flexible dieting approach. Heavily focused on nutrient density and higher quality food intake.


Weekly Check-ins

Specific content, examples, and explanations on nutrition and mindset concepts to bridge any gaps in your current level of knowledge and understanding.

Weekly check-in with your coach to review your that weeks progress.

Monthly Check-In

Each month we will meet to review the entire month, perform a body fat analysis, and make any necessary updates to your nutrition programming.


You're In!


Recalibration+Lifestyle Assessment

A one-time nutrition and lifestyle plan. Subsequent consultations and personalized macronutrient plan adjustments are $65.

I'll analyze your 7-day detailed food diary and biofeedback entries, as well as review all of your current supplements and movement routine (aka exercise, training, or lack of).


Your nutrition audit provides you with a comprehensive, personalized report on how to improve your diet and movement routine to better reach your health goals.

*note this is a one-time investment that doesn't provide accountability coaching or macronutrient updates.


You'll receive the following information from your report:


  • Calorie, fluid, and macronutrient (e.g. carbohydrates, protein, fats) recommendations for weight loss, gain, maintenance, or body recomposition. 

  • Tweaks to your current meals and snacks.

  • Suggestions for improving poor eating habits.

  • Nutrients that may be lacking in your diet and ways to include them via food or supplements.

  • Suggestions for better quality sleep and stress reduction.

  • Additional products to consider using to help reach your health goals with the science to prove their safety and efficacy.